Morgenthaler Ventures has been in the venture capital business for more than 40 years, steadily investing through every market cycle. Throughout that time, the firm has had the good fortune to work with exceptional entrepreneurs to help build companies of value.

Among the many Morgenthaler-funded companies that have gone public or were acquired are: Apple, Ardian, Atria, Brion, Illustra Technologies, IPC – The Hospitalist Company, Medaphis, Microchip, New Focus, NexTag, NEXTEL, Nuance Communications, Perclose, Premisys, Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Siri, Synopsys and VeriFone.


Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) is a well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm, due in large part to their past success. They were early investors in many significant companies, including Amazon, AOL, Compaq, Electronic Arts, Google, Intuit, Macromedia, Netscape, Segway and Sun Microsystems.

The name of the firm comes from the four founding partners: Eugene Kleiner, Tom Perkins, Frank J. Caufield and Brook Byers.


Founded over 25 years ago, Technology Partners manages a total of approximately $700 million of venture capital. Investments are being made currently from Technology Partners VIII, L.P., a $300 million fund.


GSM Fund LLC was established in 2013 as a fund dedicated to Elcelyx’ Series C financing.  The fund is overseen by managing member Rick Barry, a veteran pharmaceutical industry investment professional.

Sailing Capital

Founded in 2012, Sailing Capital is a Hong-Kong based global private equity firm, which invests in market leaders across a range of industries including healthcare, technology, high-end manufacturing and consumer. Sailing was initiated by Shanghai International Group (SIG) mainly for investment overseas and is the first major private equity fund on the global stage with its initial capital raised domestically in Chinese Yuan (RMB).

Sailing enjoys the flexibility to invest in a wide range of geographies and industry sectors with a portfolio including companies such as Brookstone, Lyft, Proteus Digital Health and others.